PWM 60W, 5V, 3A

SKU: 8003-06-01

Pulse Width Modulator, 60 Watt

This is a 3 Amp, Pulse Width Modulator (PWM).

PWMs are excellent tools for a variety of applications, including:

  • Driving a DC Motor -- will allow you to vary its speed
  • Robotics -- will allow you to drive your main motor smoothly and precisely
  • LED driver -- will allow you to control light intensity
  • Dimmer for low voltage incandescent lighting (with a little modification)
  • HO Train controller -- will allow you to vary train speed
  • Ultrasonic -- will allow you to vary its speed

The PWM is generated with an 555 Timer Chip.


  • 555 Timer Astable Multivibrator (Variable Duty Cycle oscillator)
  • Easy frequency and duty cycle changes
  • Power indicator (Green LED)
  • Diagnostic LEDs for development (RED LEDs)
  • Remote Control Panel (External wire connection for POT1)
  • Complete Schematics (PDF Format)
  • Complete Bill of Materials (PDF Format)
  • Safety and protection components included or referenced
  • Power MOSFET TO-220 3 Amps
  • PWM Duty Cycle capable: 10-90%
  • PWM Base Frequency Factory: 10KHz
  • Hardware based PWM Timer

Absolute Maximum Ratings

  • Input Voltage: 20 VDC (7.5-20VDC, 12VDC Nominal)
  • Output Voltage: 20 VDC (7.5-20VDC, 12VDC Nominal)
  • Current Sink: 3 Amps
  • Power Control: 60 Watts

Absolute Maximum Environment Ratings

  • Environment Temperature Optimal: 25 C
  • Environment Temperature range: -30 to 70 C

Physical Traits

  • PCB Size: 3.0" x 2.5", 0.062" thick
  • Layers: Double Sided
  • Weight: 2 oz (approximate)
  • Total lifetime: N/A

Recommended Accessories:

  • Mounting hardware: 4-40 Screws, nuts and washers

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